Tax & Accounting Acronyms Explained

Don’t you loathe it when you get a letter from the Australian Tax Office (ATO), and there’s just a bunch of random letters on there? If you feel like you’re looking at gibberish, stick with me as we go over tax and accounting acronyms. For business owners, you need to know these acronyms: Tax File […]

How do you know if you’re an investor or a trader?

In today’s blog, we will look at how being an Investor differs from being a Trader in Australia when it comes to shares and crypto. We will talk about the main talking points of being an investor versus being a trader and how they are taxed. After this, probably you may now have clarity whether […]

How do franking credits work?

What is a Franking Credit? A ‘Franking Credit’ is also known as ‘imputation credits’. The simplest way possible is that it’s a credit for income tax that’s already been paid by the company. So when a company makes a profit it will pay tax on those profits. The tax the company pays will also give […]